Colégio Múltiplo’s Online Privacy Policy was created to respect the LGPD ( General Data Protection Law ) and affirm our commitment to the security and privacy of the information collected from those who visit our website.

This policy is subject to any updates and we recommend that it be consulted periodically.

You can visit our website and learn about our services, read our articles and get information, service and support. If you need to contact us, it is wise to understand that we need to collect some data. This policy seeks to clarify how we collect and process this data.


How we collect data.

  1. WhatsApp . When you press the WhatsApp button available on our website, you should be aware that we will have access to your name, mobile number and your region, and the Colégio Múltiplo can store this information for future contacts. You can block our contact if you think it is necessary or request the removal of our contact list.
  2. Contact Form. We provide a contact form on our website, you can freely use it to contact us. The collected data are; name, e-mail, telephone, city and your Internet IP, in addition to the message that may contain other confidential data if you wish to report it to us.
  3. Cookies . Our website was created on the WordPress platform, it needs to create cookies (small text files that store information about your Internet browsing) on your computer or device to ensure a more pleasant browsing experience. Cookies define, for example, your browser’s cache so that your browsing becomes faster and more fluid. Important! Our cookies never collect personal information and do not allow us to access files and programs from your computer. You can remove cookies at any time by clearing your browser history, using Internet security software, or you can configure your browser to block cookies by following the steps in this tutorial .
  4. Third Party Cookies – Our website also collects browsing data through Google Analytics , Google Search Console and Google Ads marketing services. These tools collect your location and track navigation within our website in order to provide us with reports on the services and subjects you have searched for and the origin of your visit, which may be; a search term on Google, a referral from another site, or direct access. Colégio Múltiplo respects Google’s practice and privacy policy but is not responsible for the terms described therein.

How we treat your information.

  1. Any information provided by you will be collected and stored in accordance with current security and reliability standards. We guarantee total confidentiality about this information. They are collected through legal means and are intended for communication so that we can perform our services and provide support and care about them.
  2. All collected information travels securely between your computer and our server, using the standard Internet encryption protocol called HTTPS (learn more in section 10.1 in the Internet Security Primer ).
  3. Access to the information collected is restricted to the managers of the Colégio Múltiplo . Unless we have a legal or judicial determination, the information of our customers and visitors to our website will never be provided to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which they were authorized by you.
  4. We make available to our customers, partners and visitors, service channels to answer any questions that may arise regarding your data. These channels can be activated through e-mail [email protected] or through our contact form .
  5. Eventually, we may place links to third party websites in our articles. The privacy policies of these sites are exclusive to them and have no relation to us.

Your rights.

We are aware of your rights, which are:

  • Contact us at any time. (We reserve within 5 working days to answer any matter related to the Privacy Policy, which may be extended during recess, collective holidays and extended holidays).
  • The right to ask us to update and correct any incorrect personal information we have about you.
  • The right to choose to opt out of any communication system or mechanism.
  • Disable or remove any cookies created by our website or block our cookies by following the steps in this tutorial .

Final considerations.

Colégio Múltiplo uses this policy to ensure our compliance with the Brazilian LGPD and it applies only to our website so that, internally, we can adopt another Privacy Policy to treat data stored in our IT infrastructure

To report any errors, questions or suggestions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by any means of communication that we make available on our website.

We reserve within 5 working days to answer any matter related to the Privacy Policy, which may be extended during recess, collective vacations and extended holidays.

This policy was published and updated on 06/03/2020 at 12:18 pm, Brasília time.