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Colégio Múltiplo

Who we are

One history about building the future

The school came from an ideal: the will of putting into practice all the educational experience acquired by its founders along the years, inside and outside the classroom. In order to make this dream come true, in 1999 the local was selected, was made the construction of the building, opening of the legal part, and of course, the choice of the name that would sign the task of educating for the future.

In March 7, 2000 Colégio Múltiplo was starting its history.

Slowly, Colégio Múltiplo was growing and becoming known by its differential: the bilingual education (Portuguese-English) that remains for almost 20 years. With responsibility and professionalism of a team of conscious educators of their roles, Colégio Múltiplo keep its mission of contribute to today’s students training, educating the future citizens.

A training based on an well targeted, well lived, happy and healthy childhood what receive affection, attention and much love is fundamental. The team planned and organized themselves on the best way to start work of Kindergarten (started in 2002), followed by Elementary School 1 (in 2003) and right after the Elementary School 2 (in 2007).

The evolution and growing of Colégio Múltiplo has been a constant in its history, natural consequence of a solid planning and a quality work developed with our students and for our students.


"To educate students to be active members of the community they live in, with positive and thoughtful behavior, academic excellence and fluency in English."

Core Values


Nowadays, learning a second language is essential and better achieved in the early years of life. Acknowledging it, we innovate in the English teaching approach, with daily recreational and creative classes, for our students to learn naturally and effectively.

Colégio Múltiplo gives the student personalized attention, making them feel safe when joining the school. Teachers and monitors are highly trained, providing a stimulating environment, for students to develop naturally their academic and individual potentials, thus becoming a critical, independent and balanced individual, able to deal with and to understand new situations.

The school’s methodology is based on building knowledge, encouraging students to make discoveries, create hypotheses, participate in interventions and draw conclusions.

We have expanded the experience of our students through participation in Academic Olympics, such as: Brazilian Astrophysics Olympics (Olimpíada Brasileira de Astrofísica – OBA), Brazilian Rockets Exhibition (Mostra Brasileira de Foguetes – MOBFOG), Brazil’s Mathematical Kangaroo Contest (Olimpíada Canguru de Matemática), among others. We also have partnerships such as LEGO Education, giving students the opportunity to learn computer programming and having a specialized technology education.

Bilingual Education

Colégio Múltiplo is aware of the responsibility to prepare new citizens for the future in a globalized world. We have daily English classes that are held as a part of our students’ routine, which makes learning a natural process through immersion in the English language.

English Schedule Hours | Early Childhood Education

Colégio Múltiplo | Early Childhood Education

English Schedule Hours | Elementary

From 1st to 5th Grade
9 classes per week

From 6th to 9th Grade
5 classes per week