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Elementary School - Cycle II

Colégio Múltiplo values the commitment to excellence in education and training of our students. Elementary School has a special infrastructure, qualified teaching staff, 5 to 9 English classes per week, and the Pitágoras System material, used as a content base. This system provides both an individual and group performance comparison of our students to other schools that also use it.

Our principles are:

6th to 9th grade

At this stage, the student is encouraged, through challenging proposals mediated by the teacher, to create hypotheses, questions, form opinions and validate them on various subjects and contents related to their reality.



Daily English classes are part of our students’ routines. There are 9 immersion classes per week, in which students go through the many topics covered in other subjects and their daily lives, in order to practice, improve and become fluent in the second language.

1st to 5th grade
9 classes per week

6th to 9th grade
5 classes per week